Nerdify Review desktop

Pros & Cons

Nerdify is not your usual provider of academic papers. It’s a company that promises all kinds of help a student may need, from picking your order from a delivery point to writing an outline for your essay. So, what is this service really about, and how do people review their experiences with Nerdify? Let’s clarify in this in-depth Nerdify review.

In the process of our expert review, we have identified the following strengths and weaknesses that prospective clients should consider:


  • A variety of services.
  • Coverage of helpful functions for businesses, students, and academic institutions.
  • An interesting business model.
  • AI-powered platform promising full automation.
  • Certified academic experts are helping with various tasks.
  • Positive reputation online.


  • Ambiguous ordering process.
  • No clarity about pricing.



What do clients say about Gonerdify?

Our review showed that “Nerdify me” is a common phrase of people asking for help on Nerdify. Assigned freelancers can help you find the needed books, conduct research, and proofread a paper.

Why students don’t like Gonerdify?

It’s an AI-powered system, so most clients complain of the inability to use human support and get quick answers to their inquiries here.

Can I rely on Gonerdify?

Yes, our review suggests you can get some academic help here, but the company doesn’t provide writing services (at least officially).

Services & Prices


As Go Nerdify reviews suggest and the information on its main website claims, the company connects overloaded students with freelance Nerds who perform various tasks. However, there is little clarity about what exactly you can ask a Nerd to do and how much such services will cost.


There is little information about the website authors’ qualifications, but you can see that they are graduates of Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, etc. However, that information is not substantiated with any documents or proof, so you need to double-check everything before placing an order.


Our expert review revealed no transparency in the Nerdify prices, as the website states that the client may text the task to its system, and an AI-powered algorithm will connect them to freelancers. The latter will bid for the project by setting their own prices.


As the company officially claims that it doesn’t supply ready papers to students, there is no explicit revision policy on the website. As for refunds, they can be claimed within 60 days after receiving the service or product, with proper explanations for the refund given by the client.

Rating: 4 stars

Loyalty Programs


No discounts are available on the website. You can inquire your assigned Nerd about a personal discount.


Some coupons are available online for Nerdify services. For instance, the CouponBirds website currently offers a $10 coupon, while Dealspotr gives users a 20% discount.

Promo codes

Some promo codes are currently available online for the Nerdify services. You can visit Knoji for a 30% discount or look for some special deals at FrontlineCoupon.

Rating: 4 stars

Ordering Process

Sign up process

There is no traditional sign-up to which students are used on other websites. You need to text your task to the website’s hotline and get a response.

Log in process

There is no traditional login here; once you text the problem and get a Nerd assigned to your task, all communication occurs via your mobile phone or email.

Order form

Based on our review, there is no conventional ordering form here; users text their tasks and get Nerds assigned.

gonerdify order process

How to Pay

The website accepts all banking cards as payment and also supports Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Contact & Support

It’s hard to contact support here as everything is automated. So, you’ll need to use the same hotline to get in touch with managers.

gonerdify contact us

Rating: 3.5 stars

Online Reputation

Is Nerdify legit? This question can be answered by looking at online reviews of the provider.


The Nerdify Reddit thread doesn’t contain any valuable comments or reviews.


Trustpilot contains 1,400 Nerdify reviews with a total rating of 4.5 stars.


There are 153 reviews of this company here, and the rating is 4.3 stars – not that high for academic service.

Social Media

The company’s reviews on Facebook are good, though not excellent. Based on the opinion of 636 persons, its rating is 4.4 stars.


Overall, the company’s review shows that it is an interesting business idea. Still, its practical value for students is quite ambiguous, and a lack of clarity about the service’s pricing adds to that ambiguity. Thus, we cannot recommend this service to students as we’re unsure how it may help and whether the rendered services will be worth the requested price.