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Hirewriters: to Hire or to Skip? Find Out Here

Hirewriters.com is a content writing website providing article writing services.

Launched in 2012, the company aims to be a global article marketplace for small and large businesses. Today content marketing is becoming more popular as more business owners prefer marketing their businesses online. Thus, Hirewriters is among the popular companies offering quality content to clients. With a competent team of only English native speakers, you can expect exceptionally written articles. In addition, the company hires skilled writers with experience in article writing to meet the different needs of customers.

When you open the Hire writers website, you get an old-outdated feeling because of the HTML outlook. The graphics are poorly designed, and it leaves a lot to be desired as it claims to offer professional services. Regardless of the first impression, the site has a user-friendly interface with easily navigable sections.

According to the information on the site, customers should expect high-quality services, affordable rates, and on-topic articles.

This extensive review aims to reveal whether Hirewriters are who they claim to be or if it is a scam website. Read on to gain an in-depth understanding of various aspects.

Writers for Any Purpose (Almost)

Hirewriters offers a wide variety of writing services. Below is an overview of the services:

  • Article writing
  • Rewriting content
  • E-book writing
  • Transcription services
  • Poetry and lyrics writing
  • Data entry services
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Managing social media content

Apart from offering writing services, talented writers can also apply to become article writers on the site.

An overall impression of the company shows diversity in article writing. You can get content on different topics and fields.

Hirewriters.com Login Info

On the homepage of the official site, you will see a Hirewriters’ login’ and ’register now’ tab. If you are an existing user, click on the login button to access your account and place your order with ease. There is an option to log in as a customer or a writer.

If you are a new customer, you can click the ’register now’ tab, and the system will prompt you to register either as a client or a writer. Registering as a customer will lead you to the Hirewriters sign up page.

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Here, you have to fill in your details, such as your first name, last name, email address, choose a user name and input your password.

Pricing Policy

As mentioned on the site, Hirewriters offers low prices. For instance, a 700 −1000 word article starts at $5.00 from a skilled writer. However, the company also has expert writers who charge slightly higher.

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Writers who have successfully finished seven jobs with an average rating of 4.1 are categorized as skilled. Expert writers have a portfolio of more than 12 jobs and a 4.6 rating or more.

In addition, you can also get paraphrasing services at affordable prices.

Assistance and Help Desk

Efficient customer support is a critical factor for online writing services. Unfortunately, Hirewriters customer support is quite disappointing since it only has an FAQ section and an email address. With advances in technology, one would wonder why the site does not have a live chat feature and no telephone support.

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Generally, the company does not have reliable support, especially during emergencies.

Offers for Students on a Budget

Hirewriters has a flexible and affordable pricing structure that allows students to place orders. Although there is no mention of hefty discounts or scholarships, the company provides cheap rates that students can afford.


Hirewriters Reddit review has a positive comment in a particular thread, which is encouraging considering the bad publicity. You can read more on a thread link.

One customer claims to have used the site, and here is an excerpt of the response:

“Overall it is pretty good. Content is delivered on time over 90% of the time. Quality is decent for what you’re paying.”

According to this Hirewriters review on Reddit, the company has a few positive aspects.

Social Media

Hirewriters reviews on social media are pretty discouraging, with negative ratings and nasty comments. For instance, SiteJabber rates the company at 1.85 out of 40 reviews. It is an indication that many clients are disappointed with Hirewriters. Another Hire writers review on TrustPilot is negative, with a poor rating of 2.7 stars. Most of the comments reveal the site as a scam and offering sub-standard services.

The overall presence of Hirewriters on social media is good, with around 688 followers on Facebook and slightly over 1000 on Twitter. Users are active, and the publications are regular, suggesting a positive investment in social media activity.

Main Advantages

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using Hirewriters.


  • Variety of article writing services.
  • Experienced ENL writers.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Flexible pricing structure.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Quick order turnaround.


  • Poor quality website graphics.
  • Unreliable customer support.
  • Tons of negative feedback.


Is Hirewriters Legit?

We believe it is a legitimate website with real professionals delivering quality articles. Despite some negative reviews, the company operates legally and provides article writing services at a highly user-friendly rate.

Is It Safe?

Hirewriters has a security stamp from McAfee, meaning it is a highly secured website. Your sensitive details remain safe on the servers with no risk of external threats. With a valid SSL certificate, no online hacker can intercept a private communication.

Is Hire Writers a Cheating Agency?

The company’s legal details, a transparent policy, numerous employee reviews, and a long period of online functioning give bulletproof guarantees that it is not a cheat and a scam site.

What’s the Average Price?

The website claims to offer cheap services compared to other competitors. For example, you can get a 300-word article at $1.50, which is relatively low. A 1000-word article goes for $4.25. It is a good deal for most customers on a budget requiring content of moderate quality urgently.

Last but not Least

Hirewriters is an article writing website that has been operational for almost a decade. It has low, customer-friendly pay rates, which is super-convenient for clients who need good content for moderate prices. The company has mixed reviews online, with some customers complaining of poor content quality.

Yet, Hirewriters operates legally and has many US- and UK-based authors, as the reviews of its employees and freelancers suggest. Thus, we can still recommend using Hirewriters as your go-to provider of affordable article writing services. You shouldn’t expect outstanding content quality, given the operational model of the company and its focus on speed and efficiency rather than exclusive content.